Friday, May 25, 2007


"Brevity is the soul of wit" and "Necessity is the mother of invention" are two of my favorite aphorisms. I quote them to myself, if not aloud, often.

Seems there's a pattern, though, so much so that the person(s) who coined them may not have been that witty or that needy.

Each aphorism follows this formula: "[Concept ending in -ity] is the [core of a matter or relational identity] of [intangible principle]." Hey, folks, we can come up with our own! So I wrote down like 20-30 words in three separate columns, and here are a few new aphorisms for you to use in daily life:

"Hyperactivity is the offspring of fear."
"Fidelity is the keeper of contentment."
"Frigidity is the killer of happiness."
"Identity is the mistress of wonder." (Can't figure that one out, but it sure sounds cool.)
"Timidity is the enemy of love."
"Destiny is the attendant of mystery."

You get the picture.

This is what I do on a Friday afternoon after I get off work and my air conditioner has not been installed by maintenance yet.

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